A vibrant church growing, and influencing others towards Christlikeness.


Our History

Ang Mo Kio Presbyterian Church was inaugurated as a full congregation on 15 January 2005.


In many ways, AMKPC is the fruit of Covenant Presbyterian Church (CPC) and Rev. Keith Lai, Moderator of CPC, shared: “Right from the start, the journey has been a challenging and faith-stretching one. When the call was given to start an English Congregation at the Presbyterian High School, Covenant responded by sending our vibrant youths and young adults to be the pioneers and church planters. These were our prime givers and active servers of the church. In view of the daunting task of reaching the hundreds of PHS students, we had to send our creative and energetic team of young people to face the challenge. In a sense, these young pioneers were “missionaries” sent out, never to return again to the mother church.”


Ours is a story of God’s calling and blessings over the many years. The calling was to provide chaplaincy to the school and set up a church for the students. On 11 August 1991, the pioneering team of 7 members, led by Preacher Kwek Chee Hian, together with about 40 members from Covenant, had our first worship service in the school hall.


One of the highlights was the first Post Examination Programme in October 1992, which 80% of the congregation were involved and more than 100 students prayed to receive Christ. There are countless more stories, which testified of God’s blessings upon us. The most rewarding experience is having converts from PHS getting baptised in the church.


Our congregational profile has changed over the years. Mistaken by some invited speakers for a youth fellowship group in the early days, we have matured into a congregation comprising families with many children, parents of members, youths from the school as well as children from the neighbourhood.


Our mission statement has been recrafted a few times but our key calling to PHS has not changed. PHS is a school poised to take on the needs and challenges of the new millennium. We have to gear up, not just for a more sophisticated generation of youths in the school but for a generation that has come closest to achieving omniscience and omnipresence through the ever-advancing cyberspace technology.


– Elder Ng Soh Keng, one of the pioneer leaders of AMKPC.



Our Logo

The logo was originally designed to symbolize a tree of life that GOD has planted to reach out to the world, to touch His people and to fellowship with Him.  The three branches reflected AMKPC’s mission then to Witness to PHS, families & friends, Walk with God and Worship God & care for one another as a Family.


We have since sharpen our mission as: to worship God, care for one another, make disciples in PHS and our communities, and serve in missions.


The tail end of the plant symbolizes that the church is deeply rooted in the Word of God, our strong foundation.  Our church is just like a seed that has grown into a plant in the Ang Mo Kio (AMK) neighborhood, with people joining in either through members’ invitation or walk-in.  We hope this plant will keep growing to become an evergreen tree of Life.


The colour green represents LIFE, FRESHNESS and GROWTH.  It also brings about a heart-warming feeling, which characterizes AMK Presbyterian Church.