A vibrant church growing, and influencing others towards Christlikeness.


Our Pastoral Staff

Rev. Srimal Marthenis

Senior Minister – Rev Srimal Marthenis

Srimal received Jesus as his Saviour and Lord through the Boys’ Brigade Ministry in Presbyterian High School in 1989. He was moved when he discovered that God loves him so much (John 3:16)! Knowing Christ has since been a journey of faith and perseverance. He felt God’s call to serve Him full time when he was working with the Singapore Armed Forces. He graduated from Trinity Theological College with a Bachelor of Divinity, and has a Masters of Theology (Th.M.) from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.
Srimal is married to Serene, and they have three children, Christopher, Naomi and Hannah.

Rev. Jackson Wan

Associate Minister – Rev Jackson Wan

Jackson accepted Jesus in 1991 when he was a student in Presbyterian High School through the Christian Fellowship. He first received God’s call to serve in the pastoral ministry in 1997 through a vision showing the words, “James 1:18!” When he read that verse, it struck a chord in him that God was calling him to serve in the full time ministry. It was only 10 years later, when he was working in the Singapore Police Force, that Jackson finally responded with courage and humility to serve God. Jackson graduated from Trinity Theological College in 2009 with a Bachelor of Divinity, and from Regent College in 2018 with a Graduate Diploma in Christian Ministry.
He is Chaplain for Presbyterian High School and serves as an Associate Minister at AMKPC.
He is married to Magdalene and they have a daughter, Gwendolyn.

Ordination Service 30 Oct

Associate Minister – Rev Jordan Tan

Jordan came to know the Lord as a Secondary Three student in Presbyterian High School after consistent exposure and encounter with God’s word. He had a strong inclination to serve the Lord after his National Service as he saw the importance of building the younger generation. Knowing the Lord through the school ministry, Jordan has a passion for the young people believing that God can shape and influence the students during their time in school.
Jordan has served in AMKPC since 1998, graduating from Singapore Bible College in 2008 with a Bachelor in Theology. His main involvement currently is in the Worship and Christian Education Ministry, with experience in the Youth and School Ministry.
Jordan is married to Sharon, and they have two children, Josh and Shana, aged 5 and 1 (2022).

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Associate Pastor – Pastor Jerome Li Wencong

Jerome Li Wencong came to know the Lord in his time with the Boys’ Brigade 27th Coy (2001-2005). Through the rank and file, Wencong grew in his stature and Christian manliness. His burden for the poor and needy led him to embark on a few short term mission trips to Thailand, Philippines and Gambia (West Africa) respectively. Thereafter, he was sent by AMKPC to pursue his Bachelor of Divinity (BD) in Trinity Theological College in 2014. Currently, Wencong is serving as a Boys’ Brigade officer, and partnering with the Presbyterian High School (PHS) chaplaincy team in reaching out to the students.