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Below you can find a list of past sermons on the topic of Joshua.s

Let’s Remember to Remember (Joshua 24:1-28)

  1. Joshua made the people remember God’s faithfulness (vv1-15)
  2. Joshua gave the people the choice to commit to God (vv16-28)
  3. How are we committing ourselves in following Christ today?


  • What is one lesson you can remember from the Joshua series of sermons?
  • What is one thing you can do to practice the lesson learnt?
  • Ask God to help you remember Him and His faithfulness.

Unity Glorifies God (Joshua 22:10-34)

Main Point: God is glorified when His people dwell in unity. Introduction What God promises, He will turn into a reality (Joshua 13-21). Resolving Conflict The cause for concern (v10) A team of peacemakers (vv13-15) Open and honest conversation (vv16-18) Willingness to sacrifice rights to win the relationship (v19) Listen (vv21-29) Reconciliation, restoration, resolution (vv30-34)… Continue Reading

And the Sun Stood Still (Joshua 1:1-15)

We can trust God in battles for His purpose. (vv1-8) God fights on our behalf for His purpose (vv9-11) God responds to extraordinary prayers for His purpose (vv12-15) Application: What are the battles in your life now where you need to pray in faith? Pray specifically, ask for the “impossible”. Continue Reading

The Right Devotion (Joshua 7:1-13, 19-21, 25-26)

The Command for Devotion The Reversal of Circumstances The Right Devotion Reflection: – What in your life are devoted to God? – Let us pray and ask God to help us devote our lives to Him. Continue Reading

The Power and Holiness of God (Joshua 5:13-6:1-5, 15-25)

Main Point: God works powerfully for His people but will not tolerate evil yet show mercy to the repentant.  God works powerfully for His people. The encounter with the Commander and the assurance of God’s presence. The promise of God’s word (6:2) The fall of Jericho. The justice of God against His enemies. The command… Continue Reading

The 12 Stones From The Jordan (Joshua 4)

Main Idea: Remembering and recounting God’s powerful rescue in our lives to the next generation and others might know Him. Teaching Stones Memorial Stones Testifying Stones Discussion Questions How did the Lord rescue you? Why did you become a Christian? What does Jesus mean to you today? Continue Reading

Fix Your Eyes on God (Joshua 3:1-8; 13-17)

Main Point: Fix your eyes on God, and He will lead you on “dry ground”. The River Before Us Fix your eyes on God Responding with Consecration (vv 5-6) A new beginning with God Forgiveness through confession and repentance A Living Sacrifice Our Human Responsibility (vv7-13) Continue Reading