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Less is More (Judges 7:1-18)

Less is More (Judges 7:1-18)

Main Point: having less may help us see more of God’s power in our lives.


  1. An overwhelming situation (vv 7:1-2; 12)
  2. God sometimes reduces our resources so that we depend on Him (vv2-8)
    1. If Israel (or we) is to experience God, then what she needs is less, not more.
  3. God’s assurance in an overwhelming situation (vv9-14)
    1. God encourage us with His promise
    2. God may assure us with His sign


  • How can we maintain a balance between depending on God and relying on our resources?
  • In what areas in our lives can we contented and grateful to God?
  • If God asks you to surrender an aspect of your life that seems to go against your logic, what are ways to discern this call?