A vibrant church growing, and influencing others towards Christlikeness.


The Children Ministry aims to develop and instill spiritual habits and growth in our children, providing a platform for them to make decisions to receive Christ personally and claim the promises of God.


The ministry consists of 3 main groups: LOVE (Toddlers), HOPE (K1-P2) and FAITH (P3-P6).  The syllabus used for the classes are materials from Discipleland and other relevant resources.


The months of June and December are set aside to engage the children through fun and games, allowing the children to bond with one another and learn through play.  The month of July is set aside as Missions month to create awareness and expose the children to missions.

The Sunday school teachers and teacher assistants are rostered to teach on a monthly basis.  This provides a platform for the experienced teachers to guide the teacher assistants, and for the teacher assistants to pick up the relevant skillset and confidence to become teachers in the near future.

Ministry trainings equip the Sunday school teachers and teacher assistants to better understand, care for and disciple the children.

The Youth Ministry comprises of youths who have graduated from primary school to secondary school or moved onto tertiary education.  Being part of a godly youth group who support each other and have fun together is the common thread that runs through the ministry.

We seek to nurture a warm community of youths who love God. We are committed to teaching God’s Word in an age-specific manner to the youths while fostering strong Christian fellowship and deep and meaningful friendships. It is a safe place where youths gather to be fed, built up in the Word and to be refreshed in His Kingdom purposes.

We meet once a week on Sunday from 1130 – 1300. Join us!

In line with the church’s vision of “Towards Christlikeness”, the Young Adult (YA) Ministry of AMKPC aims to “disciple Young Adults in their hearts, minds, and hands to disciple and influence the world for the Kingdom of God.”

The Ministry consists of about 65 members, ranging from 21 years old to 33 years old, who meet up regularly in their respective Cell Groups (CGs) biweekly for the study of God’s Word and fellowship. The Ministry gathers every three months for combined activities that focus on helping Young Adults navigate through the early years of adulthood (university education, national service, relationships, early career, and finances). The Ministry also looks outward in engaging community services to bless the others and the less fortunate, and sharing the gospel with our friends, colleagues, and families.

May the YA Ministry continue to live out Acts 2: 42 – 47!

The Adult Ministry provides a platform for growth in Christ – both in discipleship and in reaching out to others.  This is in line with our church’s vision of “Growing and Influencing Others towards Christlikeness”.

The ministry has 10 Cell groups (CGs), and they meet biweekly to study the word of God and to fellowship. CGs also hold outings and outreach activities.

Ministry level trainings equip CG leaders and members. “Koinonia”, a fellowship across CGs, is held twice yearly for scripture memory, testimony sharing, fun and food.

One of the core strategies of the church is to build “Strong Marriages and Families”. The Family Ministry aims to align with this strategy through the following goals:

  1. Prepare dating couples for life-long marriages
  2. Equip parents with necessary skills for family life
  3. Help married couples enrich and strengthen their marriages
  4. Help families in crisis by bringing together relevant resources – such as counsellors, pastors and other church leaders.

Couples who would like to marry in the church will have to attend the Married for Life course to prepare for their marriage. The course would help them to identify and resolve issues in their relationship that could adversely affect their marriage. It would also strengthen their present relationship and lay good foundation to an enriching and fulfilling marriage. Topics covered included ‘What is Marriage?’, ‘Communication’, and ‘Your spiritual life together’. These are group sessions conducted for all the couples together. We also assign dating couples with experienced marriage counsellors of the church and learn topics such as ‘Dealing with In-laws’, ‘Conflicts’ and ‘Expectation’.

We also hold marriage enrichment seminars and conduct Parent Tea Sessions where we learn from experts and also through the wisdom of one another.