A vibrant church growing, and influencing others towards Christlikeness.


Children Ministry

Children's Ministry

The Children Ministry (CM) desires to grow every child towards Christlikeness. Apart from following an intentional discipleship curriculum, children are also encourage to put what they learnt into action through an initiative – “CM in Action” (Cee Me in Action or Children Ministry in Action). This initiative focuses on programs and activities that raise awareness of CM kids in knowledge of AMKPC’s vision and mission as well as creating opportunities for them to apply Sunday School lessons.


Some examples of “CM in Action” are selling fruits on “Fruit Sunday” to church members to raise funds for needy children in Cambodia. The children learn that they were not too small or young to be involved in missions. CM kids also spent time and effort to decorate notebooks. These notebooks were then given to an orphanage in Vietnam. “CM in Action” provided the opportunity for CM kids to exercise Compassion for the Needy.

The “Cool” Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry (YM) call ourselves the “COOL” Youth Ministry, which stands for “Christ Our Only Love.”


The YM operates mainly in a Cell Group (CG) settings. During CG youths gather to worship, study the Bible and fellowship with one another. Youth Leadership Development is purposefully integrated into the YM curriculum. Every youth in the Cell Group (CG) is given the opportunity to lead and serve the YM through weekly training and equipping as a CG.

Once in every few months, the YM comes together as a big group for special events or hear relevant talks pertaining Youths today. At times, the YM would gather to pray for people, the church needs, Singapore and the World (current affairs). Such meetings are mostly youth initiated and led.

The YM also organizes a biannually Youth Camp. This is an event where the youths hone their leadership and organizational skills to plan and execute the camp. The Youth Camp is always well received and it helps youths encounter Christ and build deep friendships.


“G.A.P.” Young Adult Ministry

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The God’s Active People (G.A.P.) Ministry is the Young Adult (YA) Ministry of AMKPC. In line with the church vision “Towards Christlikeness”, the YA aims to “disciple young adults in their hearts, minds and hands that they in turn disciple and influence the world for the Kingdom of God.”


Apart from meeting in its usual small group setting, the YA also organizes GAP Get-Together and Forum Gatherings. The forum discusses issues young adult face like sexuality, caring for elderly parents and understanding the purpose of work. These forums are held in an informal setting. There was a forum entitle “Why Work?” held at a Starbucks Coffee outlet in the Central Business District area!


Adult Ministry

The Adult Cell Groups (ACG) meet on the first and third week of the month.  A typical ACG meetings consists of Welcome, Worship, Word and Works.


The ACG also organizes Koinonia (which means fellowship in Greek) where all the ACG gathers as a big group. Koinonia is a time where all adults gather for a time of games, devotion, testimony sharing and recap what we learn through word study at our individual small groups.


The ACG also forms 3-4 smaller member group to follow-up with newcomers. Members within the ACG also minister to the sick and their caregivers through pastoral visits to hospitals and such.


Different ACGs are also actively involved through different ways in Presbyterian School Ministry as part of Works. For example we partner with the Boys’ Brigade (BB) and Girls’ Brigades (GB) in BB Cares project where we help organize a mini funfair to bring cheers to some needy families. We also partner with the GB in its Community Involvement Programme (CIP) to visit and conduct programmes an old folk’s home.


Family Ministry

One of the core strategies of the church is to build “Strong Marriages and Families”. The Family Ministry aims to align with this strategy through the following goals:


  1. Prepare dating couples for life-long marriages
  2. Equip parents with necessary skills for family life
  3. Help married couples enrich and strengthen their marriages
  4. Help families in crisis by bringing together relevant resources – such as counsellors, pastors and other church leaders.


Couples who would like to marry in the church will have to attend the Married for Life course to prepare for their marriage. The course would help them to identify and resolve issues in their relationship that could adversely affect their marriage. It would also strengthen their present relationship and lay good foundation to an enriching and fulfilling marriage. Topics covered included ‘What is Marriage?’, ‘Communication’, and ‘Your spiritual life together’. These are group sessions conducted for all the couples together. We also assign dating couples with experienced marriage counsellors of the church and learn topics such as ‘Dealing with In-laws’, ‘Conflicts’ and ‘Expectation’.


We also hold marriage enrichment seminars and conduct Parent Tea Sessions where we learn from experts and also through the wisdom of one another.