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Below you can find a list of past sermons that have been recorded from our Services.

Pentecost Sunday: The Holy Spirit

Acts 2:1-41

Main Idea: The manifestation of the Holy Spirit gives us confidence to point others to Christ, expecting a response of faith.


  1. The Manifestation of the Holy Spirit (2:1-13)
  1. The Confidence of Peter (2:14-36)
  1. The Response of the Listeners (2:37-41)



A Mother’s Perspective of the Shema

Deuteronomy 6:4-9 Main idea: Principles to Help Our Children Love and Fear God Introduction Start with me (vv 4 – 6) Teach them repeatedly and intentionally (v7) Live out God’s words in our deeds, thoughts, and social circles (vv 8 – 9) Reflections: Reflect on your priorities in life. Ask God to show you which… Continue Reading

“Does ____ Fear God for No Reason?”

Job 1 The Story: * Scene 1: The character of Job * Scene 2: The Heavenly Court * Scene 3: The removal of God’s protection and blessings Lessons: The righteous may suffer Worship can carry on amid suffering Care and compassion for the sufferer “Does ____ fear God for no reason?”   Reflection: * Consider those struggling in pain… Continue Reading

Servant Leadership

Mark 10:35-45 Main idea: Servant leadership does not seek to be served, but to serve Wanting to be Served ( vs 35-37) The Price of Serving Others (vs 38-41) The Great Leader who Serves (vs 43-45) Reflection: Consider adopting Jesus’ question as a way to practice Servant Leadership Try asking “What can I do for… Continue Reading

Care for Creation

Genesis 1:26-31     Main point: God made us in His image to care for His Creation   Introduction * The effects of climate change God is the Creator and Owner of Creation a. God is powerful and intelligent b. God is the Owner Role of Humans: Dominion and Stewardship   Stewarding Creation: a. Changing attitudes… Continue Reading

The Unexpected King

John 12:12-19 Main Idea: Welcoming Jesus as the King of our life is to also join in His crucifixion. Palm Branches: Jesus comes to be the King of our hearts. (vv. 12-13) Donkey: Jesus comes not to shed the blood of others, but to shed his blood to bring peace. (vv. 14-15) Lazarus: Jesus comes… Continue Reading

#Who Do You Want to Follow?

John 10:1-18 Main idea:  Follow Only The Good Shepherd Who Died for You Introduction We Need a Good Shepherd (vv 1-5) Thief & Robber, Hire hand or the Good Shepherd (vv 7-15, 17-18) The Good Shepherd is Looking for you (v16) Reflections: Do you want to follow Jesus, the Good Shepherd who died for you?… Continue Reading

Watch Your Heart With Diligence

James 4:1-10 Key Thought: Everything we do flows from what is in our heart. Guard your heart against selfish desires (v1-3) – They cause quarrels and fights. Keep your heart true to God (v4-6) – If you allow your heart to rebel and choose to be a friend of the world, then you are making… Continue Reading

Blessed Chinese New Year

Numbers 6:22-27 Main idea: The purpose of the Priestly Blessing is for us to remember God is our greatest blessing of all. Remember, God initiates the blessings ⁠Remember, all blessings flow from God’s presence ⁠Remember, we bear His name Application: What are the worries and fears that you have in this faith journey as the… Continue Reading