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Below you can find a list of past sermons that have been recorded from our Services.

He holds the Keys (Revelations 1:9-18)


AMKPC 29th Anniversary

Main Point: We can persevere through uncertainties because Jesus holds the keys to our life now and forever.


1.The Person of Person 

  • Faithful witness
  • Firstborn from the dead
  • Ruler of the kings
  • Doxology

2. Jesus is Risen and Ruling (vv12-16)

3. Jesus holds the keys of Death and Hades v 18b

Reflection: What does it mean to live as a faithful witness and priest to God in my current situation?

The Strategic Importance of Tentmakers in Missions (Daniel 1:1-6, 17-21)

Main idea: Tentmaking is a strategic platform to contribute to the unfinished task of God’s mission today, especially to the unreached people groups. The State of Mission Today Intentional use of our God-given skills and talents in strategic and challenging places for God’s mission. Tentmaking-Unreached People Groups missionary strategy Let us serve in Faith and not… Continue Reading

Who is Jesus? (John 6:35-40)

A. Who did Jesus say He is? I am the way, the truth and the life I am the bread of life I will give you rest B. Jesus does what God only can do. Jesus commands nature The spiritual forces submit to Jesus authority Jesus does miracles that only God does Jesus gives life… Continue Reading

Jesus: Who Is He? (Colossians 1:15-20)

Main Idea : Jesus is the supreme Lord over creation and our life. 1) He is the firstborn of Creation 2) He is the pre-eminent One 3) He should be the Lord of our life Reflection: – Is Jesus the Lord over all your life? – What is one response you want to make today? Continue Reading

Making Sense of Fatherhood (Ecclesiastes 12)

1.Remember your Creator in the days of your youth (vv1-8) 2.Fear God and keep His commandments – the whole duty of man (vv9-14) 3.Summary and Reflections Reflection: 1.“Remember the Creator in the days of your youth.”  How can you prepare yourself for trouble days today? 2.“Fear the Lord and keep His commandments, for this is… Continue Reading

Romance & Sex (Song of Songs, 4:1-5; 12-5:1)

Introduction Sexual intimacy is God’s gift to a married Couple Build the Romance An affirmation from God (5:1b) Chastity & Purity Reflection: Married couples: read Song of Songs 4-5:1 to each other. Give thanks to God for your marriage. Singles: What safeguards can I put in place to guard myself against sexual temptations? Continue Reading

Courtship & Intimacy (Song of Songs 1:1-2:7)

Introduction Desire intimacy with your spouse Overview of Song of Songs Approach Why Study it? Choosing a spouse Check the reputation of the person Look beyond looks There is wisdom in waiting Continue Reading

Praying Through Difficult Times (Psalm 84)

1.Sweet moments of worship and prayer in God’s presence 2.God’s divine strength is in His presence and community of believers. 3.Hope (Trust) in God that all will be well despite the difficult circumstances. Prayer Pledge: ‘O Lord of Hosts, my King and my God! You are my sun and shield. Now, I recommit to prioritise… Continue Reading

God Is Our Refuge (Psalm 46)

Introduction The effects of COVID-19 Historical background of Psalm 46 A.Begin with who God is: 1.Refuge 2.Strength 3.Help Application: Be encouraged by who God is and how He relates to us in our troubles The church, as the place of refuge, strength and help to those in need. B.God is in the midst of us… Continue Reading