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Below you can find a list of past sermons that have been recorded from our Services.

Hope that Anchors Our Soul (Hebrews 6:11-20)

Main Point: We have a hope that is sure and steadfast, anchored in God’s promises and in Jesus. Introduction: Worldly hope vs biblical hope A. A Hope That Is Anchor to our Souls (v11-20) I. What is Biblical Hope? II. The Certainty of our Hope III. The Response to Hope: a. Grow in faith and… Continue Reading

A Call to Enter God’s Rest (Hebrews 4:1-13)

Main idea: God desires His people to enter His rest so as to receive spiritual blessedness but this requires obedience on our part. The Promise of God’s Rest is for the Faithful (v1-10) Entering God’s rest is an obedient response to God’s Word (v11-13) Challenge: Make a commitment to keep the Sabbath rest from today onwards. Continue Reading

Running The Race of Faith (Hebrews 1:1- 2:1)

Main Point: The Supremacy of Jesus encourages us to persevere in running the race of faith The Supremacy of Christ God has spoken through His Son God has appointed Jesus heir of all things Jesus is the “exact imprint” of God’s nature Jesus upholds the universe by word of his power Jesus is our Redeemer and… Continue Reading

Visiting Strangers (Genesis 18:1-8; Matthew 25:35-40)

Main Point: Biblical Hospitality is loving the stranger as Jesus Christ What is Biblical Hospitality? How do we practice hospitality? (Gen 18:1-8) To whom do we practice hospitality? (Matt 25:35-40) Continue Reading

Doers of God’s Word (James 1:21-25)

Main Point: We will be blessed when we move from being hearer to doers of God’s Word. God has implanted His Word in our hearts James 1:18 Jeremiah 31:33 Luke 8:11-15 Two different approaches to God’s Word: Hearer Doer Application: What does it look like to cultivate meekness and perseverance in reading and listening to… Continue Reading

The Cost and Reward of Evangelism (Matthew 10:5-42)

Main Idea: We must go evangelize because the reward for eternity is far greater than any cost we have today. Introduction: We Are Called To Evangelize There Is A Cost To Evangelism The Reward Is Greater Challenge: What is your next step for “LAMPS for Christ’? Look Out, Ask God? Or is it time to… Continue Reading

Making Disciples (Matthew 28:16-20)

Main Point: We make disciples because God is concerned about our family and friends’ salvation Introduction God’s concern is to save the lost through Jesus The Old Testament (Genesis 3:15, Isaiah 43:6-7) The New Testament (Luke 19:10, 2 Peter 3:9) Jesus’ strategy to save the lost is through us making disciples Jesus holds all authority… Continue Reading

Jesus Is The Light Of Hope To The World (John 1:1-18)

Main idea: Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Believing in Jesus helps us to walk out of our ‘darkness’ so that we can live a new life in Christ. Jesus Christ is the true light of hope. Jesus Christ, the light of hope transforms us. Jesus Christ, the light of hope transforms the world.… Continue Reading