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Ps Low Yee Lin

Below you can find a list of past sermons by Ps Low Yee Lin. s

The Unexpected King

John 12:12-19

Main Idea: Welcoming Jesus as the King of our life is to also join in His crucifixion.

  1. Palm Branches: Jesus comes to be the King of our hearts. (vv. 12-13)
  1. Donkey: Jesus comes not to shed the blood of others, but to shed his blood to bring peace. (vv. 14-15)
  1. Lazarus: Jesus comes to give us hope for eternal life. (vv. 16-19)


List some of your desires and expectations that God is asking you to let go of.


Blessed Chinese New Year

Numbers 6:22-27 Main idea: The purpose of the Priestly Blessing is for us to remember God is our greatest blessing of all. Remember, God initiates the blessings ⁠Remember, all blessings flow from God’s presence ⁠Remember, we bear His name Application: What are the worries and fears that you have in this faith journey as the… Continue Reading

“Catching” Men for Christ

Luke 5:1-11 Main idea: Encountering Jesus will bring about a total change in our life’s mission. 1. Follow Jesus because He is the Master of every situation (vv 1-6) 2. Follow Jesus because He calls sinners (vv 7-9) 3. ⁠Follow Jesus because He is the Lord of everything (vv 10 – 11) May all our… Continue Reading

Your Heart Matters to God

1 Samuel 16:1-13   Main Idea: The Word of God determines the condition of our hearts. We are attracted by external qualities. God is concerned with the internal qualities. The Word of God directs our hearts. Reflection: 1. What external qualities (e.g., grades, achievements, etc) are you more concerned with than the condition of your… Continue Reading

You Only Live Once

John  12:20-26 Main Idea: Jesus calls us to die to ourselves as the only way to truly be alive. Come to Jesus for He’s the life-giver. Give up your life for He has sacrificed. Serve with your life for He will honour you.   Reflection & Application: What drains you? Tell God if you’re drained… Continue Reading

Never Be The Same (Ephesians 4:17-32)

Main Idea: A new identity in Christ leads to a new life. The old life Mind: Heart: Action: The new life How to live a new life? Worship Song List: Only Your Mercy Lift High the Name of Jesus We Want to See Jesus Lifted High Yet Not I but Through Christ in Me Purify… Continue Reading