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Below you can find a list of past sermons on the topic of Christmas.s

“Catching” Men for Christ

Luke 5:1-11

Main idea: Encountering Jesus will bring about a total change in our life’s mission.

1. Follow Jesus because He is the Master of every situation (vv 1-6)

2. Follow Jesus because He calls sinners (vv 7-9)

3. ⁠Follow Jesus because He is the Lord of everything (vv 10 – 11)
May all our encounters with Jesus inspire us to actively engage in the mission for which Baby Jesus was born.

What is one thing you want to leave behind as you enter 2024?

What is one gift you could offer to Jesus that could be put to good use in His service?


Jesus, The King Who Cares for Our Needs

Matthew 6:25-34 Main idea: Worries rob our peace. Trust God who provides for our needs. Do not be anxious about what we need (v25).   Trust God that He cares for all we need (v26 -30).   Focus on what is important to God first. He will take care of all we need (v31 –… Continue Reading

God Dwells Among Man

John 1:1-14  Main point: God dwells among men to save us and make us His children. Jesus is God from Pre-existence   Jesus is God Who Dwells with Us as One of Us  * On the Incarnation The Purpose of the Incarnation * A light for our darkness     Response: The Incarnation tells us that God is… Continue Reading

It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

Isaiah 8:21-9:7 Introduction 1. The Darkness of Christmas 2. The Light of Christmas 3. The Child of Christmas 4. How then should we feel about Christmas?   In Light of today’s message, 1. How differently should/do you feel about Christmas today? 2. Would you like to accept the gift that Jesus came to give?   Continue Reading