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Rev Srimal Marthenis

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God’s Design for Singlehood (1 Corinthians 7:6-9; 32-40)

Main Point: Singlehood is God’s gift and a season to be devoted to Christ and serve Him.

Introduction: The different groups and causes of singlehood.

  1. The Biblical Understanding of Singlehood
    1. Singlehood is a gift from God (1 Cor 7:6-8)
    2. The advantages of singlehood (1 Cor 7:32-35)
      1. Free from anxieties of married lives
      2. Undivided devotion to the Lord
  2. The Struggles of Singlehood
  3. Our Response to Singlehood
    1. Thank God for the gift of singlehood.
    2. Glorify God with our bodies
    3. The church is God’s family to singles
    4. Supporting the single parent

4. Our identity and deepest satisfaction are not in our marital status but in Christ


  1. God’s purpose for singlehood is having an “undivided devotion to the Lord (v35b)” How can I grow in this aspect?
  2. Who are the singles around you? What are their needs? How can I be of support and encouragement to them?

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