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Rev Srimal Marthenis

Below you can find a list of past sermons by Rev Srimal Marthenis. s

Chosen By God To Be Blessed (Ephesians 1:1-6)

Main Point: God chose, predestined, and adopted us to be His children to bless us.

  1. God Chose Us before Creation
  2. God Predestined Us to Be Adopted as His Children
    1. Predestination
    2. Adoption
    3. The benefits of being adopted by God
  3. Our Response to God
    1. Praise Him!
    2. Reach the Pre-Believer
    3. Holiness and love one another

What aspects of being chosen, predestined, and adopted as a child of God stand out to you? What would be an appropriate response to these truths?

God of Hope (Romans 15:12-13)

Main Point: God gives hope and fills us with joy and peace as we trust Jesus. Believe in God who Gives Hope: Hope of Eternal Life (John 3:16) Hope in Christ Return (1 Thessalonian 4:13-18) Hope in the New Heaven and New Earth (Revelation 21:1-4) Hope is Found in Jesus Christ Implications of Hope Strength… Continue Reading

Finishing Well: Faith in Action (Genesis 22:1-23)

Main Point: Faith in God is faith articulated into actions. Introduction A Difficult Command An ethical dilemma Faith In Action Faith in God’s power (Hebrews 11:17-19) Faith articulated in actions (James 2:21-23) The Blessings of Faith God will Provide God will take care of our current and future needs Reflection: Which area(s) of your life… Continue Reading

Less is More (Judges 7:1-18)

Main Point: having less may help us see more of God’s power in our lives. Introduction. An overwhelming situation (vv 7:1-2; 12) God sometimes reduces our resources so that we depend on Him (vv2-8) If Israel (or we) is to experience God, then what she needs is less, not more. God’s assurance in an overwhelming… Continue Reading

The Slippery Slope of Compromise (Judges 1:27-2:5)

Main Point: We walk the slippery slope of spiritual decline when we compromise with God’s word and the world. Introduction Failure to listen to God’s Word Living with the Enemy The Relentless Love of God Reflection: What areas in your life do you tend to compromise with the world? How can you set boundaries over these… Continue Reading

The Family: God’s Covenant Site of Love & Grace (Genesis 17:1-7)

Main Point: Build your family with a covenant of love and grace.  Introduction A Covenant Understanding for Family Relationships The Characteristics of a Covenant Relationship Unmerited Grace Unconditional Love Application: Don’t give up on your family Building an environment of grace & love Reflection: Is there someone in your family whom the Lord is leading… Continue Reading

Moral Courage (1 Kings 22:1-28)

Main Point: Moral courage is to hold fast to God’s word and stand against the pressure to conform The story of two kings and their 400 ‘yes’ men Lessons from three men: Ahab –  no intention to listen to God’s word Jehoshaphat – inquired but didn’t hold to God’s word Micaiah – demonstrated moral courage… Continue Reading

Make Good Friends (Ecclesiastes 4:7-12)

Main Point: Friends and relationships are a reward, support, comfort and security. Life will be meaningless without family and friends (vv7-8) “Two are better than one (v9a) The benefits of friendship and relationships (vv9-12) Reward (v9)  “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.” Support (v10) “For if they fall,… Continue Reading

Life Under the Sun is Meaningless (Ecclesiastes 1:1-18)

Main Point: Life under the sun is meaningless but under the Son is abundant life (John 10:10) Introduction Life under the sun is meaningless The definition of “vanity” (v2) Same old same old (vv5-8) No one is remembered; nothing is new (vv8-10) Death will erase life Life under the Son brings abundant life God in… Continue Reading