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Rev Srimal Marthenis

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“Does ____ Fear God for No Reason?”

Job 1

The Story:

* Scene 1: The character of Job

* Scene 2: The Heavenly Court

* Scene 3: The removal of God’s protection and blessings


  1. The righteous may suffer
  2. Worship can carry on amid suffering
  3. Care and compassion for the sufferer
  4. “Does ____ fear God for no reason?”



* Consider those struggling in pain or facing challenges around you. How can you encourage them?



Care for Creation

Genesis 1:26-31     Main point: God made us in His image to care for His Creation   Introduction * The effects of climate change God is the Creator and Owner of Creation a. God is powerful and intelligent b. God is the Owner Role of Humans: Dominion and Stewardship   Stewarding Creation: a. Changing attitudes… Continue Reading

Honour God with Our Tongue

James 3:1-12  Main point: we honour God with our speech when we control our tongue and edify people. A teacher ought to reflect biblical character because their words have widespread influence. The tongue can be a powerful influence for good (vv2-4) Right speech is a sign of Christian maturity (2b) The tongue is what a… Continue Reading

Maturity Through Trials

James 1:1-12  Main point: When we endure trials, it produces spiritual maturity and leads to God’s eternal reward. The Trials and Difficulties Believers Face Definition of trial Trials of the early church The trials we face The Attitude to Hold – Joy Enduring Trials Brings Spiritual Maturity The Reward of Enduring Trials   Reflection: Looking… Continue Reading

God Dwells Among Man

John 1:1-14  Main point: God dwells among men to save us and make us His children. Jesus is God from Pre-existence   Jesus is God Who Dwells with Us as One of Us  * On the Incarnation The Purpose of the Incarnation * A light for our darkness     Response: The Incarnation tells us that God is… Continue Reading

When God Doesn’t Answer Prayer

Psalm 88   Main point: In times of loss and suffering, we can pour our deepest emotions before God. The Dark Night of the Soul   The Accusations Against God   Reflection and Response: a. Our prayers should reflect an honest reality of life and faith. b. We can find comfort in expressing our deepest… Continue Reading

Finishing Well

1 Samuel 31  Main Point: We need to tutor our hearts to listen to God’s voice to finish well. A Tragic Death A. The Philistines defeated Israel and killed Saul’s sons (vv1-3) B. Saul takes his own life (vv4-6) C. Shame and Dishonour (vv9-10)     A Good Start does not Guarantee a Good Finish.… Continue Reading

Ordinary to Extraordinary

1 Samuel 9:1-17; 10:1   Main Point: God uses the ordinary affairs of life to bring forth His extraordinary purpose in our lives. God uses the ordinary for extraordinary purposes. Saul – good looking but with an unimpressive background A mundane job God may use obstructions and delays to direct us to His will. God… Continue Reading

Hannah’s Song

1 Samuel 2:1-10 Main point: God cares and is in sovereign control of our lives. 1. Who is God? a. God is my Dignity, Strength and Salvation (v1) b. God is my Rock (v2b) c. God is a Life giver (v6) d. God can turn my life around (vv5;7-8a) e. God is my Creator and… Continue Reading

God’s Design for Singlehood (1 Corinthians 7:6-9; 32-40)

Main Point: Singlehood is God’s gift and a season to be devoted to Christ and serve Him. Introduction: The different groups and causes of singlehood. The Biblical Understanding of Singlehood Singlehood is a gift from God (1 Cor 7:6-8) The advantages of singlehood (1 Cor 7:32-35) Free from anxieties of married lives Undivided devotion to… Continue Reading