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Ps Serene Liang

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#Who Do You Want to Follow?

John 10:1-18

Main idea:  Follow Only The Good Shepherd Who Died for You


  1. We Need a Good Shepherd (vv 1-5)
  1. Thief & Robber, Hire hand or the Good Shepherd (vv 7-15, 17-18)
  1. The Good Shepherd is Looking for you (v16)


  1. Do you want to follow Jesus, the Good Shepherd who died for you? What would you do to follow Him?
  2. Have you been detoured from following Jesus? What are changes you need to make to come back on track?
  3. Do you want to hear the Good Shepherd’s voice more clearly? Talk to a brother or sister to explore more together.



Put God’s Word Into Practice

James 1:19-27  Main idea: Do Not Stop at Hearing God’s Word, Do it! Practise God’s word in controlling our anger. (vv19 – 21) Quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger. Receive God’s word with meekness. Practise God’s word by not deceiving ourselves (vv22 – 25) Do not deceive ourselves. Persevere with actions. Practise… Continue Reading

Jesus, The King Who Cares for Our Needs

Matthew 6:25-34 Main idea: Worries rob our peace. Trust God who provides for our needs. Do not be anxious about what we need (v25).   Trust God that He cares for all we need (v26 -30).   Focus on what is important to God first. He will take care of all we need (v31 –… Continue Reading