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Rev Jordan Tan

Below you can find a list of past sermons by Rev Jordan Tan. s

Jephthah, the Outcast (Judges 11:1:40)

Introduction: Jephthah, the “Outcast” Jephthah and the Elders (vv1-11) Jephthah and the Ammonites (vv12-28) Jephthah and the Lord (vv29-40) Conclusion:   Reflection: How have you been influenced by the world instead of by God? How would you live differently if you really believed that God loves you and wants to bless you unconditionally?     Continue Reading

The Consequences of Not Knowing God (Judges 2:6-23)

Introduction A Generation that did not know God Generations of repeated sin Two questions to ask ourselves Do I know God? Am I living in a cycle of sin and repentance Reflection: What can I do this week to know God more? Continue Reading

The End of the Matter (Ecclesiastes 12:9-14)

Main Idea: It is important to the know the truth of God’s Word and be obedient to it so that we can fulfil our created purpose: to worship and love the Lord. 1. The Importance of God’s Word 2. The Truth of God’s Word 3. The Obedience to God’s Word Reflection: How important is the… Continue Reading

Mothers’ Day: You Are Not Invisible (Isaiah 66:13; Matthew 23:37; 2 Timothy 1:5; John 19:26-27)

1. Mothers are not invisible in the Bible. 2. Mothers are not invisible in the church. 3. Love the Mothers in your life Application: 1. Take some time to pray and reflect on what you have learnt from the mothers in your life. 2. What is one thing you can do for them this week… Continue Reading

Preparing for Christ Return: Living as Wheat among the Weeds (Matthew 13:24-30; 36-43)

The Kingdom of Heaven The Meaning of the Parable Live as Wheat among the Weeds Reflection: 1. How ready are you for the time of harvest? 2. As we live in this time of grace, who can you be sharing the gospel with this week? Continue Reading

Spiritual Discipleship: The Disciple’s Master (Luke 6:46-49)

Main Idea: A Disciple is one who not only hears his Master’s commands but lives it out daily. The Lordship of Jesus Christ Submitting to Christ’s Lordship a. Full Submission to His Authority (1 Peter 3:15) b. Recognition of His Ownership (Acts 10:36) c. Unquestioning Obedience (Luke 6:46-49) Living It Out Reflection: – In what… Continue Reading

And the Sun Stood Still (Joshua 1:1-15)

We can trust God in battles for His purpose. (vv1-8) God fights on our behalf for His purpose (vv9-11) God responds to extraordinary prayers for His purpose (vv12-15) Application: What are the battles in your life now where you need to pray in faith? Pray specifically, ask for the “impossible”. Continue Reading