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Follow Jesus (Matthew 19:16-30)

Follow Jesus (Matthew 19:16-30)

Main Point: The Reward of following Christ outweighs the sacrifices


  1. The rich young ruler who could not follow
  2. We don’t attain eternal life by doing but by being God’s child.
  3. You cannot serve God and money
  4. God’s reward will outweigh the sacrifices of following Christ
    1. Eternal Life
    2. “If you want to be perfect…”
    3. Treasure in Heaven
  5. The Rich young Ruler who followed to give us eternal life


  • What prevents us from following Jesus wholeheartedly? What specific areas do we find difficult to follow Jesus?
  • How can we ensure that money does not become our master, but we are stewards of God’s resources?
  • Has the Lord placed a specific calling in a particular area to serve Him? What is your response to Jesus call to “… come follow me (v21)?”