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Rev Jackson Wan

Below you can find a list of past sermons by Rev Jackson Wan. s

Who Do You Love (Matthew 25:44-45)

The Bible teaches us, in following God, to love and live our lives for others, in the example of Christ. Love, Me Love, God Love, Them Reflection: * Who do you love? * What would Jesus say about that? * How would you love and live for others? Continue Reading

Teach Sound Doctrine By Faith (1 Timothy 1:8-20)

Main Idea: Christ charges us to teach sound doctrine by faith which can convict and change lives. The True Intention of the Law is to convict our lives. By God’s Grace and Mercy, We Can Have Faith. Continue Reading

Jesus and His Mother (Luke 2:46-51; John 2:1-5, 12; John 19:25-27)

Jesus obeyed and honoured His mother as a child, as an adult and even at death.  1. Jesus and His mother at the Temple 2. Jesus and His mother at the Wedding 3. Jesus and His mother at the Cross Reflections: How is your relationship with your mother? Ask God how you can learn to honour your… Continue Reading

Living On Solid Rock (Matthew 7:24-29)

Main Idea: The ways of God are firm and unchanging, valuable as a strong foundation for life. Building life upon fleeting and unsettling sand (Those who hear but do not do) Building life upon Jesus’ words (Those who hear and do) Remembering the Sermon on the Mount Reflection: Name one lesson you’ve learnt from the… Continue Reading

An Extraordinary Encounter (Matthew 2:1-12)

Main Idea: We worship an extraordinary God, who leads us extraordinarily,  and is capable of extraordinary deeds in our lives. 1. An Extraordinary God 2. An Extraordinary Encounter 3. An Extraordinary Response Continue Reading

I Will Go With You (Exodus 33.1-17)

1. Would Israel Go With God? Is God really not going with Israel? Stripping of Ornaments 2. Moses Went With God. Entering the Tent of Meeting Moses’ intercession and confession Summary and Conclusion Reflections: 1. How are you “stiff-neck” (stubborn) before God? 2. What are the “ornaments” you have to strip away before God? (Eg.… Continue Reading