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Below you can find a list of past sermons on the topic of Discipleship.s

Spiritual Maturity (Hebrews 5:11-14; 6:1-8)

Main Idea: God helps each Christian to grow into maturity over time, so that the Christian may withstand difficulties and temptation. 

  1. What is Spiritual Maturity (vv1-3)
  2. Why do I need Spiritual Maturity? (vv4-6)
  3. How do I attain Spiritual Maturity?


  • Have I been living a Spiritual life of maturity?
  • How would Jesus want me to live my life for Him?
  • What can i do to grow in maturity in Christ?

The Disciple’s Love (Mark 14:1-11)

Main Point: A “waste” is a beautiful thing when done unto Jesus. Introduction An Extravagant Act of Love A dark backdrop of hatred and betrayal a pouring of love The worldview: It is a waste to pour unto Jesus Jesus’ view: It is a beautiful thing. Application: Is my relationship with Jesus motivated by what… Continue Reading

The Disciple’s Senior Partner, The Holy Spirit (John 14:26)

Main Idea: God desires believers to commit to following Jesus by depending on and working with the Holy Spirit amid challenges to glorify Christ.  The Holy Spirit, the person of God himself One God God is three persons Partnering with the Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus Christ Requires commitment Holy Spirit makes the impossible (demands of… Continue Reading

Spiritual Discipleship: The Disciple’s Master (Luke 6:46-49)

Main Idea: A Disciple is one who not only hears his Master’s commands but lives it out daily. The Lordship of Jesus Christ Submitting to Christ’s Lordship a. Full Submission to His Authority (1 Peter 3:15) b. Recognition of His Ownership (Acts 10:36) c. Unquestioning Obedience (Luke 6:46-49) Living It Out Reflection: – In what… Continue Reading

The Cost of Discipleship (Luke 9:57-62 & Luke 9:23-25)

Main Idea: The cost of following Jesus involves giving up our comfort, prospects and the denial of self. The Cost of Comforts The Cost of Prospects The Cost of Self Reflection What comforts/securities might be hindering you from following Jesus? What is one area in your life that you need to deny so that you… Continue Reading

Our Family’s Faith (Deuteronomy 11:13-23)

Main Point: God’s purpose for families is to follow Him faithfully and enjoy His blessings. The motivation to follow God faithfully (vv13-16): God wants to bless families with His goodness Idolatry can turn us away from God God’s method to build the family’s faith (vv18-19): We build our children’s faith by building ours. God’s method… Continue Reading